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Franz Radziwill - Stilleben mit Weckuhr und Bierflasche

Estimate: 16.000 € - 18.000 €
Result: 15.250 €

Franz Radziwill

Stilleben mit Weckuhr und Bierflasche

oil on wood 29,5 x 19/19,2 cm F.R.

This still life from 1929, with an alarm clock, a wine bottle turned into a candleholder and a matchbox set in front of a yellow background, corresponds to a new objective perception of art, that was not only distinguished by natural representation but also by a static calmness. Only the slightly dented metal of the alarm clock breaks up the rigour of the composition through soft light reflections. The composition is arranged on a narrow blue shelf with a lower viewpoint. Although the objects clearly refer to the theme of “Vanitas”, transience, they could also just be items from the artist's studio, which he repeatedly used in depictions as a means of pictorial self-expression. Of particular interest is the treatment of colour in the image; Radziwill has almost uncompromisingly restricted himself to the primary and secondary colours yellow, blue, red, green, black and white. Throughout his life he created a rich oeuvre of still lifes. This work clearly reflects his interests not only in aspects of content but also of composition and chromaticity.


Private possession, Rhineland