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Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen - The Lamentation of Christ

Auction 1029 - overview Cologne
17.05.2014, 12:00 - Old Master Paintings and Drawings, Sculptures
Estimate: 40.000 € - 50.000 €
Result: 43.920 € (incl. premium)

Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen

The Lamentation of Christ

Oil on panel (parquetted). 73 x 53 cm.

Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen was presumably born in the small parish of Oostzaan between Amsterdam and Zaanden in the northern Netherlands. His name was included in the records of the Amsterdam Guild of Saint Luke in 1505, and 100 years later in Karel van Mander's "Het Schilder-Boeck" of 1604.
His style is largely influenced by traditional Netherlandish painting, and he is often considered the last representative of this era, as his works display little of the Italian Renaissance influence which was pervading Dutch art at the time.
Cornelisz Oostsanen was among the followers of Geertgen tot Sin Jans of Haarlem (died 1495), the most influential Dutch master of the 15th century, and could have been one of his pupils. His works also display the influence of Lucas van Leyden.
Typical for this artist is his interest in fabrics, which he often depicted elaborately draped and spread out within his works. For example the voluminous robes of the Madonna and Mary Magdalene, which are almost twice the size of their wearers, can be found in comparable examples in many of his works - such as the famous "Noli me Tangere" scene in the Kassel Gemäldegalerie.


Dr. W. Vogelsang, Utrecht nr. 36735, undated.


Kunstsalon Herman Abels, Cologne. - Private ownership, Rhineland.