Auction 1033, Modern Art - May 30, 2014, 30.05.2014, 18:00, Cologne Lot 477

Otto Modersohn, Mondaufgang (Überschwemmung)

Otto Modersohn, Mondaufgang (Überschwemmung), 1942, Auction 1033 Modern Art - May 30, 2014, Lot 477

Otto Modersohn

Soest 1865 - 1943 Rotenburg/Wümme

Mondaufgang (Überschwemmung)


Oil on canvas. 49.3 x 69.5 cm. Framed. Signed and dated 'O Modersohn 42' lower left. - In very fine condition.

Atelierbuch Otto Modersohn 1942, no. 183 (studio book; here titled "Mondaufgang")

With an expertise from Christian Modersohn, Otto-Modersohn-Museum, Fischerhude, dated 12 February 2005. We would like to thank Rainer Noeres, Otto-Modersohn-Museum Fischerhude, for his additional information dated 7 April 2014.


Private possession, Hamburg; Private possession, North Germany


Fischerhude 2004 (Kunstverein Fischerhude, Buthmanns Hof), "Ortsbilder" (without cat.)

This landscape is typical of Modersohn's late period in Fischerhude. The artist had always been a keen observer of nature, but after he became blind in one eye, he is said to have only painted in his studio. In this respect, the current composition can be regarded as an "impression", a sensitive depiction of a meditative mind. The character of the landscape is rendered in a calm, emphatic and direct manner, and seems to have led the artist's imagination into a kind of dream-like land.

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