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Fritz Klimsch


Bronze Height 176.5 cm Monogrammed 'FK' and with foundry stamp "H. NOACK BERLIN" to the cast-with plinth back left. Cast in lost wax technique, presumably indicating a somewhat earlier cast. - With dark brown patina, slightly lightend to the arms.

“Frühling” belongs to a group of female nudes, in which Klimsch seeked to depict man's relation to nature in an emblematic manner. The bronzes “Frühlingsahnen“ (Braun 116) from 1923, “In der Sonne” (Braun 126) from 1925/26, “Sturm” from 1932 (Braun 159), “In Wind und Sonne” (Braun 176) and “Sommertag” (Braun 184), both from 1936 belong to this group. Klimsch himself regarded “Frühling” as particularly characteristic for his oeuvre.
In a relaxed posture, the legs slightly bent, the young lady elatedly stretches both her arms upwards, the fingertips gracefully striving up, rather like the shoots of a young tree. The torso is also stretched upwards, the individual ribs becoming distinctly apparent. As if sunbathing, she tilts her head sideways and back.
Music had a certain meaning in Klimsch's creative process, above all Mozart's work: “whenever I begin a new work, I have one of his melodies in my head! And I even whistle one of his melodies, I whistle it involuntarily to myself…”. And with regards to the offered bronze Klimsch's son Uli stated: “Despite the rejoicing upward movement of the arms, the soft melancholy of Mozart's 'Mailied' song can be heard in 'Frühling'.” (from: Uli Klimsch, Fritz Klimsch. Die Welt des Bildhauers, p. 66).

Catalogue Raisonné

Braun 134 (there divergent dimensions)


We would like to thank Hermann Noack sen., Berlin, for his confirmatory information.


Private collection, Saxony


Uli Klimsch, Fritz Klimsch. Die Welt des Bildhauers, Berlin 1938, p. 66 with full-page illus. p. 73; Hermann Braun, Fritz Klimsch. Werke, Hannover 1980, no. 23 (there erroneously dated 1932) with full-page colour illus. p. 62


Frankfurt 2010 (Museum Giersch), Die Bildhauer August Gaul und Fritz Klimsch, p. 252 with full-page colour illus. no. 130

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