Carl Spitzweg - The Dangerous Passage

Carl Spitzweg

The Dangerous Passage

Watercolour over pencil on paper. 22 x 16.7 cm.
Framed under glass.
Signed and dated lower left: Spitzweg 44.

Carl Spitzweg painted this motif in oils several times. It is doubtful that the present study is the prime version of the composition, as Uhde-Bernays proposed in his expertise, as another version exists dated 1841 (Wichmann, op. cit., no. 210).


Hermann Uhde-Bernays, Starnberg 1.XI.1931


Queenn Elisabeth of Prussia, wife of Frederick William IV. - Presented to her chamber woman Karoline Schwarz as a wedding present in 1860. - E. Schaernack Hamburg. - Private collection, South Germany.


For this artist cf.: S. Wichmnann: Carl Spitzweg. Verezichnis der Werke, Stuttgart 2002.

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