Fritz Klimsch - Versonnen

Fritz Klimsch - Versonnen - image-1
Fritz Klimsch - Versonnen - image-1

Fritz Klimsch


Bronze Height 73 cm Monogrammed 'FK' on the sole of the left foot as well as with the foundry mark "H. NOACK BERLIN". - Fine blackish-green patina, in few places lightened in bronze colour. Minor abrasion marks to the bottom.

With “Versonnen”, Fritz Klimsch created a seated figure of a girl whose delicate composure was to become a leitmotiv for bronzes such as “Träumende” and “Blick ins Weite” (Braun 26 und 27) in the following years. Despite their varying postures, these three works display a calm relaxation of their own, an inner attitude which the sculptor conveys 'inconspicuously with a strict composition that appears neither soft nor mawkish', according to Hermann Braun, (Hermann Braun, Fitz Klimsch. Werke. Hanover 1980, p. 61). It is the effective combination of the expression of introspection and a fine sense of proportion and motion of the body that distinguish Klimsch's best works from that era.
Klimsch also exhibited the almost life-size bronze now on offer bearing the titles “Sinnende” and “Sitzende”. Versions in tinted plaster and stucco also exist besides this bronze. (cf. ibid., p.61)

Catalogue Raisonné

Braun cf. p. 31 n. no.


Private collection, North Rhine-Westphalia


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