A Berlin KPM porcelain dessert basket on stand

A Berlin KPM porcelain dessert basket on stand

Model no. 881. Pierced basket of oval section, decorated to the centre with flying insects. The base clasped by a green relief wreath. On a fluted oval plinth with green-grounded fields. Blue sceptre mark, impressed 41 and 92 (?). Both handles restored, the gilding partially worn and retouched to the base. H basket 19.5, W 28 cm, H plinth 11, W 19.1 cm.
1791 - 94.

The basket either originates from a service made for Prince Heinrich in Rheinsberg that was dispatched in 1791, or from a service for Frederick William II from 1794.


The basket illus. in cat.: Berliner Porzellan, 1763 - 1850, Münster 2006, no. 137.
Cf. also: Wittwer, Prinz Heinrich und das Porzellan, in: Prinz Heinrich von Preußen. Ein Europäer in Rheinsberg, Berlin 2002, p. 467 ff., cat. no. VII.55.

Lot 138 Dα

2.500 € - 3.000 €

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