A large Berlin silver krater-form vase after the antique

A large Berlin silver krater-form vase after the antique

Krater-form interior gilt vessel supported by a round fluted base on a square plinth. Handles issuing from bearded mascarons. The body decorated with acanthus and grapevine reliefs and two mounted officers in Prussian Ulanen uniforms. H 26.5 cm, weight 2,044 g.
Marks of Johann George Hossauer, ca. 1820.

The form of this wine-cooler is based on that of the famous Medici krater, a marble vessel from the 1st century B.C. that was discovered in the mid-16th century and is now housed in the Uffizi. The relief décor of the original, which shows the Homeric heroes consulting the oracle at Delphi, has here been replaced by a depiction of Uhlan soldiers, presumably at the request of the patron.


Private collection, Berlin.


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Lot 209 Dα

15.000 € - 17.000 €