A Wegely porcelain group with Scaramouche and Colombina

A Wegely porcelain group with Scaramouche and Colombina

Two-figure group after a Meissen design on a flat base with floral incrustation. Blue W mark to the back of the base, unglazed base with impressed mark 2/90/40. Minor restorations. H 17.8 cm.
Berlin, Manufactory of Wilhelm Caspar Wegely, model attributed to Ernst Heinrich Reichard, ca. 1755.

This is the only figural group ever produced in the Wegely manufactory. The motif is based on Nicolas Lancret's painting "La cage", which is now housed in the Louvre. The first use of this iconographic motif in porcelain can be traced back to a piece designed for Meissen by Johann Joachim Kaendler in 1741. Kaendler substituted Lancret's pastoral figures with characters from the commedia dell'arte, and the same has been done in the present piece. Dorothee Heim lists Ernst Heinrich Reichard as the first to produce this model for Wegely.


In Zick, Berlin 1978, 11 further painted examples listed under no. 48.
Cf. also: Heim, Die Berliner Porzellanplastik und ihre skulpturale Dimension, Berlin 2016, no. 6.

Lot 38 Dα

10.000 € - 12.000 €