A Vienna porcelain tray with a basket of flowers, grapes, and a bird's nest

A Vienna porcelain tray with a basket of flowers, grapes, and a bird's nest

Oval tray with concave rim. Decorated to the centre with a large basket of flowers on a stone balustrade, in the foreground a large bunch of grapes on the left and a empty bird's nest with white feathers on the right. A panoramic garden landscape in the background. The edge decorated with trompe l'oeil fluting. Signed "J: Nigg. Fet: 1816." to the centre of the depiction. Glazed underside with year number 816 and impressed letter P. H 3, W 42.5, D 32.8 cm. Giltwood frame H 50.5, W 58.5 cm.
White porcelain Vienna, Niedermayer Manufactory, fired 1816, painted by Joseph Nigg.

After studying at the Vienna Academy under the direction of Johann Drechsler, Joseph Nigg (1782 - 1863) became a painter at the Vienna porcelain manufactory under Niedermayer in 1800 and remained there until 1843. In 1816, the year this tray was painted, he was appointed overseer of the flower painting department. By this time he had already developed his distinct, unmistakable style. His stunningly precise compositions usually consist of tightly packed floral arrangements in vivid colours, painted at the height of their bloom shortly before they begin to wilt. Even today he is considered one of the most important flower painters of his era.


Delorme & Collin du Bocage, Paris, auctioned 20th June 2007, lot 103.

Lot 90 Dα

40.000 € - 60.000 €

80.000 €