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Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-1Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-2Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-3Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-4Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-5Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-6Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-7Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-8Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-9Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-10Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-11Willy Zielke - Photographie - image-12

Lot 59 D

Willy Zielke - Photographie

Auction 1133 - overview Cologne
31.05.2019, 14:00 - Photography
Estimate: 6.000 € - 8.000 €
Result: 7.440 € (incl. premium)

Willy Zielke


Twelve gelatin silver prints, printed 1982 on Kodak-Ektalure-G paper. From 21.2 x 16.3 cm (25.3 x 20.4 cm) to 23.7 x 17.5 cm (25.3 x 20.4 cm), both portrait and landscape formats. Each print signed, dated, title, and editioned in pencil on the verso. In original portfolio box, designed by Klaus Wittkugel. With fly sheet, thereon typewritten notes on the portfolio as well as editioned in crayon. Portfolio A.P. III/VI from an edition of 50 (+ VI A.P.). Edition of Bouqueret - Chomette - Zielke, Paris and Berlin.


Glasplatten I, 1929
Glas-Licht-Raum, 1929
Glasabstraktion VIII, 1929
Glasverzerrung I, 1929
Fixiernatronkristalle, 1929
Hommage à Wagenfeld, 1929
Glasverzerrung I, 1929
Osram-Glühlampen, um 1933
Glasverzerrung II, 1929
Gross und Klein, 1929
Kugeln 1929
Agfa-Variation I, um 1930
Eisenbahn, 1935

The planned edition of 50 copies was never completed, in fact only a few copies were produced, probably less than ten.
We would like to thank Erik Rémy, Paris, for helpful information.

With his precise, carefully arranged and illuminated still lifes, which were created during his time as a teacher at the 'Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Lichtwesen' in Munich, Willy Zielke rapidly attracted great attention. His photographs of various glass objects, taken in close-up - a typical feature of New Objectivity photography, were shown in 1929 at the legendary Werkbund Exhibition 'Film und Foto' 'Das Deutsche Lichtbild' and the French 'Arts et Métiers graphiques'.
It was the transparency of the portrayed material that was particularly attractive to the photographer and which he masterfully transcribed in his pictures into sophisticated, strongly graphic patterns of light and shade.

This portfolio combines Zielke's best-known photographs from the series, including Glasplatten I, Glasabstraktion VIII, and the matt-silver shiny (Christmas) Kugeln, taken in 1929 in the studio of the Münchner Photoschule. The design of the portfolio's slipcase, which will be auctioned for the first time, can be traced back to the photographer and graphic artist Klaus Wittkugel (cf. lot 60).


Christian Bouqueret (ed.), Willy Zielke. Photographies 1923-1937, exhib.cat. Musée Réattu, Arles 1982, with ill.