Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Spinning Dancer

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Spinning Dancer

crayon 51,4 x 36,1 cm

The drawing, whose first idea is captured in sketchbook 87 from 1922/1923 (Gerd Presler, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Die Skizzenbücher, Weingarten 1996, with ill. on p. 281), was made in connection with the painting of the same name from 1931/1932 (Gordon 961), which also belonged to Dr. Frédéric Bauer and later Roman Norbert Ketterer; at the same time he worked upon a large-format woodcut (Dube 628). In a letter to Gustav Schiefler, dated April 2, 1932, the artist, on the basis of a pen and ink drawing with lavis, explained his intentions with this motif: "I wanted to achieve the spinning through [drawing: two rhomboids above one another] and the horizontal division." (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner/Gustav Schiefler, Briefwechsel 1910 - 1935/1938, Stuttgart and Zürich 1990 with ill. p 679). The Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt, owns a watercolour with this motif.


Dr. Frédéric Bauer, Davos; Roman Norbert Ketterer, Campione; private collection


E. L. Kirchner, Zeichnungen und Pastelle, Belser Verlag 1979, nr. 94 with full-page ill.


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Gemälde und Graphik der Sammlung Dr. Frédéric Bauer - Davos, Nuremburg, 1952, nr. 247

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