Max Slevogt - Selbstbildnis (Self-Portrait)

Max Slevogt - Selbstbildnis (Self-Portrait) - image-1
Max Slevogt - Selbstbildnis (Self-Portrait) - image-2
Max Slevogt - Selbstbildnis (Self-Portrait) - image-1Max Slevogt - Selbstbildnis (Self-Portrait) - image-2

Max Slevogt

Selbstbildnis (Self-Portrait)

oil on cardboard 32,8 x 25 cm


We would like to thank Sigrun Paas, Max-Slevogt-Galerie, Schloss Villa Ludwigshöhe, Edenkoben and Gernot Frankhäuser, Landesmuseum Mainz, for examination of picture and signature as well as for confirmatory archive information.

Accompanied by an older expertise by Heinrich Brauer, Kunstsachverständiger der IHK Berlin (art expert of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Berlin), dated 22 July 1976


Formerly Collection Carl Steinbart, Berlin; Irmgard Bender-Steinbart, Carl Steinbart's daughter, Bonn - Bad Godesberg; private possession, Heinsberg, since then in family possession


Kunst und Künstler XXVII, 1929, p. 5, with ill.; Karl Voll, Max Slevogt, Süddeutsche Monatshefte 3, 1906, nr. 10, with ill. on title; Max Goering (ed.), Max Slevogt. 60 Bilder, Königsberg 1941, with ill. on cover; Hans-Jürgen Imiela, Max Slevogt, Eine Monographie, Karlsruhe 1968, p. 100

Lot 252 D

30.000 € - 35.000 €

38.720 €