Auguste Rodin - L'Homme au nez cassé, petite tête

Auguste Rodin

L'Homme au nez cassé, petite tête
1882 resp. before 1889

Auf grünem geäderten Marmorsockel 7,7 x 7,6 x7,7 cm bronze sculpture Höhe 12,8 cm Gussvermerk "Alexis Rudier Fondeur Paris" - Mit dunkelbrauner, teils ins Grünliche spielender Patina. Der Sockel stellenweise an den Kanten bzw. Ecken etwas bestossen

Later small version (with longer neck-piece) of the famous early work "L'Homme au nez cassé" dated 1863/1864, probably cast posthumously in bronze after 1917 by Alexis Rudier.

"The Small Head of the Man with the Broken Nose is later than the large version. It appears twice on the tympanum of The Gates of Hell, to the right of The Thinker and in the frieze of small heads. It can also be found in other compositions [...]. It's dramatic modeling, stripped of details, has the spontaneity of a rough sketch, and forms a strong contrast with the meticulous realism of the large version." (Cat. of Works in the Musée Rodin, op. cit., p. 419)


Formerly private possession, Baden-Württemberg; Southern German art trade


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