Hallali - Hunting in Art

A museum exhibition presenting paintings and works of art from private collections

14 – 26 October
9 am – 5.30 pm (Monday to Friday)
10 am – 5 pm (weekends)

Lempertz Brussels
Grote hertstraat 6 rue du Grand Cerf

With "Hallali - Hunting in Art", the Brussels branch of Lempertz offers an exceptional and unique museum exhibition of hunting-related art objects from private collections.

Hunting art treasures are presented in all their variety, paintings, drawings and objects of applied art.

Most of the exhibits date from the Baroque period. They are an expression of courtly baroque art. Hunting was a privilege of the court and nobility, a privileged pastime of the higher circles and an important social event. Hunting trophies, paintings and tapestries adorned the lounges and dining rooms of aristocratic hunting lodges and castles. Hunting is closely linked to courtly table culture, which is represented in the Brussels show with excellent works of art.

About 30 paintings and drawings span the arc from Brueghel to Ridinger. They show the active hunting of deer, stag and wild boar. Also hunting still lives with trophy character and magnificent kitchen still lives with hunting prey are represented.

The approximately 50 objects of applied art relate to a wide variety of materials, but they are always objects that are artistically designed and do not only have a functional meaning. Porcelain, glass and silver vessels and textiles are decorated with hunting motifs, depicting hunting legends and animals. The earliest porcelain sculptures from Meissen bear witness to the splendor of the Saxon hunting festivals and are a feast for the eyes.