James Ensor

Date/place of birth

1860 Ostend

Day/place of death

1949 Ostend

James Ensor - La Mort poursuivant le troupeau des humains
James Ensor - La Mort poursuivant le troupeau des humains

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James Ensor biography

James Ensor, whose art is to be seen as belonging to Symbolism, began his career at a young age, training with two painters from his hometown of Ostend; in 1876 he began his studies at the academy of fine arts there. One year later he transferred to the academy of art in Brussels. Disappointed by academic regulations and constraints, he broke off his studies there in 1880 and returned to Ostend. There he began his career as a fine artist, and he was already able to take part in his first exhibition in the year that followed. In 1883 he was involved in the founding of the artists’ group “Les XX”. His oeuvre, which includes prints in addition to his paintings, consists primarily of landscapes, still lifes, religious scenes and self-portraits. It is characterised by pure colours and fanciful, grotesque details; masks, demons and skeletons often appear as symbolically charged motifs.

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James Ensor Prices

James EnsorLa Mort poursuivant le troupeau des humains€8.400
James EnsorLes mauvais médecins€7.440
James EnsorLa cathédrale€7.320
James EnsorLe Christ tourmenté par les démons€6.200
James EnsorLes Lévitiques s'avoueront prisonniers€5.580
James EnsorLa Multiplication des poissons€5.490

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