Axel Hütte

Date/place of birth

01. January 1951 EssenGermany

Axel Hütte - biography

Axel Hütte studied under Professor Bernd Becher at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf between 1973 and 1981. His early photographs all show empty streets, modern housing complexes and seemingly mundane locations, such as underground stations and bridges. His more recent works concentrate on empty and inaccessible areas: These large-format photographs show arid landscapes, occasionally punctuated by architecture or industrial structures; views of the open sea; barren mountainous areas; forests; rainforests and fields stretching out endlessly to towards the horizon.

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Axel HütteAxel Hütte - BUSSACO, PORTUGAL €21.600
Axel HütteAxel Hütte - Ourém, Portugal €19.040
Axel HütteAxel Hütte - Seljalandsfoss, Iceland Waterfall #2 €18.600
Axel HütteAxel Hütte - Xiamen, China €11.340
Axel HüttePortfolio - How you look at it €10.980
Axel HütteAxel Hütte - SAN MARTINO ALLA PALMA €10.890