Heinz Mack

Date/place of birth

08. March 1931 LollarGermany

Heinz Mack - biography

Without light, advanced life is unthinkable, as little as the art of Heinz Mack: the German artist created not only forms and shapes out of light but altered entire landscapes into an echo of lost paradise that awakens longings.

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Heinz Mack Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Heinz Mack Untitled (Lichtrelief) €310.000
Heinz Mack Lichtfelder (Chromatic Constellation) €300.000
Heinz Mack Dynamische Struktur Schwarz auf Weiß €248.000
Heinz Mack Großes Mosaik (Klang-Farben) €248.000
Heinz Mack Schwarzes Sternbild. Chromatische Konstellation (Black constellation. Chromatic constellation) €181.500
Heinz Mack Pyramide + Horizont €147.560