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Falko Marx Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Falko Marx An iron, platinum and 18k granulated gold "Souvenir de Maroc" brooch. €21.080
Falko Marx A German 18k gold and rock crystal kinetic "water" ring with capsule bezel including a porcelain placque with the Madonna and filled with black liquid, loose gem stones, diamonds, gold powder and gold sheet strips. €12.600
Falko Marx A brooch and pin "Marokkanische Mondnacht" €9.920
Falko Marx A Ceylon sapphire flower ring €9.375
Falko Marx An 18k gold, platinum and coloured stone ring made by Falko Marx. €9.300
Falko Marx An 18k gold and quartz capsule ring enclosing gold pieces, brilliant- and 8/8-cut diamonds. €8.060