Daniel Richter

Date/place of birth

1962 Eutin

Daniel Richter - Beobachte den Verfall der Brote
Daniel Richter - Beobachte den Verfall der Brote

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Daniel Richter biography

Coming originally from the left-wing autonomous scene of Hamburg’s Hafenstrasse, Daniel Richter is one of Germany’s most successful young painters. Having studied under Werner Büttner at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Richter initially designed record covers for punk bands (1987). He now has his own record label. Until 2000, Richter only produced abstract paintings. He then developed a figurative/narrative imagery, while still maintaining abstract tendencies, created by his impasto application of paint. In addition, he often used his fingers, choosing bright (neon-like) paints and a gestural brushstroke. Within each painting, Richter primarily wanted to include as many disparate elements as possible, both formally and in content. His large-format paintings, which he himself describes as “insanely irritating”, capture paranoid and disturbing visual experiences. In his works, Richter focuses on autobiographical, political and contemporary issues as well as on fictitious subjects. He wants to explore the impact and functioning of images in social and political contexts and raise awareness for the same. In 2006, he resigned his professorship at the Berlin University of the Arts, as he was dissatisfied with its structures. Since then he has been teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 2009, he received the Finkenwerder Art Prize. A retrospective was held by the Kunsthalle in Hamburg in 2007.

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Daniel RichterBeobachte den Verfall der Brote€73.200
Daniel RichterWet Kiss II€54.740
Daniel RichterUntitled€27.830
Daniel RichterUntitled€13.640
Daniel RichterD.P.No.I Noch gehören die Sterne auch den Schmutzigen (D.P.No.I The stars still belong to the dirty ones too)€11.400
Daniel RichterUntitled€8.680

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