Daniel Richter

Date/place of birth

December 18, 1962, Eutin

Daniel Richter - biography

Daniel Richter has made it from Hamburger punk to a painting superstar who also has a strong opinion aside of art and wishes to actively shape society. His pictures are bought, collected and admired all over the world - the former outsider has become an idol of the establishment.

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Daniel Richter Prices

Daniel RichterBeobachte den Verfall der Brote€73.200
Daniel RichterWet Kiss II€54.740
Daniel RichterUntitled€27.830
Daniel RichterUntitled€13.640
Daniel RichterD.P.No.I Noch gehören die Sterne auch den Schmutzigen (D.P.No.I The stars still belong to the dirty ones too)€11.400
Daniel RichterUntitled€8.680