Dieter Krieg - Untitled (Spiegelei)

Dieter Krieg - Untitled (Spiegelei) - image-1
Dieter Krieg - Untitled (Spiegelei) - image-1

Dieter Krieg

Untitled (Spiegelei)

X2 Acrylic and spray paint on plexiglas. With signed calendar. 98 x 264 cm.

The painting is illustrated on the cover sheet of the art calendar, Dieter Krieg, Spiegelei, Verlag Engelhardt & Bauer. There signed and dated 'Krieg 96'.

In his paintings Dieter Krieg repeatedly deals with the subject of food, using a range of painterly resources in each series. In the text that accompanies the 1997 calendar, Juliane Huber writes:

“Like elsewhere, the painter pulled out all the stops in his Fried Egg series. He added material emphasis to the presence of colour through an abundant use of acrylic (particularly in evidence in the egg white), created illusionist effects through sprayed shadows, intensified the colour effect by integrating Perspex into the surface, painted the subject as a complete view, thus further enhancing its presence - in other words, Krieg explored the full range of options that seemed important to him as an artist. Nevertheless, no two paintings are alike. All of them have the same thing in common: the fried egg theme is isolated from its natural context, hovering in front of differently designed backgrounds - unreal, like flying saucers. Apart from that, each picture is a case of its own.” (Juliane Huber, in: Dieter Krieg, Spiegelei, 1997, Kunstkalender des Verlags Engelhardt & Bauer)


Private Collection, Germany

Lot 631 D

8.000 € - 12.000 €

26.840 €