Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Drei Frauen im Raum

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Drei Frauen im Raum

ink drawing 28,6 x 22,6 cm

With regard to biographical circumstances, the letter is not without interest. As has already been assumed, it was probably intended for Dr. Eberhard Grisebach; the mention of the "Spenglers" refers to the circle around Helene Spengler: "Dr. Eberhard Grisebach was in Davos at this time - we are referring to the end of 1922. Kirchner had already met the Spengler family in 1917. Helene Spengler, wife of the doctor Luzius Spengler, treated the artist from 1918 onwards." - notes Professor Presler, whereby he adds that the letter here seems to suggest tensions which "following the death of Dr. Luzius Spengler on 12 February 1923, erupted openly and led to a breach."


We would like to thank Gerd Presler, Weingarten, for additional information.


Formerly private collection, New York; Lempertz Auction, Kunst des XX. Jahrhunderts, A 556/lot 388 with illus. p. 77 (acquired there), since then in family possession

Lot 777 Dα

5.000 € - 6.000 €

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