Franz Radziwill - Die Spur am Himmel (Entfaltung)

Franz Radziwill

Die Spur am Himmel (Entfaltung)

Watercolour and pen on wove paper 34.7 x 50.2 cm Framed under glass. Signed 'Radziwill' in blue lower left. - Narrow light-stains to the margins of the sheet; minimally browned in the right third of the image.

This important and frequently exhibited watercolour originates from the phase in which the artist's world was presented at its most mysterious: Landscape, sky, and even the "devices" of human beings (boats) all betray traces of a "reality" behind the "reality". The sails of the Dangast crab fishing boat, the black water and beach, the sandbank topped with a flower and the mysterious pattern in the clouds all serve to shift the levels of the visible world: "Magical Realism". (We would like to thank Gerd Presler, Weingarten, for the art historical advice)

List of works

Seeba 4803 (here erroneously listed as upright format); hand written list by Radziwill no. 385 (numbered to the reverse)


The Radziwill family; Private possession, Ruhr district


Franz Radziwill - Aquarelle und Zeichnungen, in: Das Schöne Heim, no. 8, Munich 1975, p. 479, colour illus.


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