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Lot 511 D

Piero Dorazio - Lucullus

Auction 1052 - overview Cologne
30.05.2015, 11:30 - Contemporary Art
Estimate: 20.000 € - 25.000 €
Result: 32.240 € (incl. premium)

Piero Dorazio


Oil on canvas. 35 x 26 cm. Verso on canvas signed, dated and titled 'Piero Dorazio 1962 "Lucullus"'. Signed and titled 'Piero Dorazio Lucullus' on stretcher.

'The Net is Dorazio's field equation, at least in the years from 1958 to 1964. Nets of lines, light and colour are layered, building swaying and flickering grids of dots, star patterns. No definable form; each individual dot amongst a thousand similar dots, without its own expansion, an intersection point of mutual connection in an endless open rhythm. Open as with Mondrian, however not just limited to the overlapping of verticals and horizontals, but also diagonals of all directions. A network, neither woven nor built, but rather written; colour shading crossing over each other which are drawn and painted at the same time, not textiles, but rather free calligraphic structures, not straight lines drawn with the ruler, but rather elastically oscillating; however it isn't at all improvised emotionally either, but rather methodically steered, with a rational system in the enclosure of the complete picture. Animated order, ordered movement, but neither 'Action Painting' nor 'cold art' '. (Kurt Leonhard, in: Franz Larese and Jürg Janett, (ed.), exhib.cat. Piero Dorazio, Galerie im Erker, St. Gallen 1966, not paginated)


Galerie Hajo Müller, Cologne; private collection, Rhineland