Piero Dorazio

Date/place of birth

1927 Rome

Day/place of death

2005 Perugia

Piero Dorazio - Desiderata
Piero Dorazio - Desiderata

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Piero Dorazio biography

Dorazio had already been producing abstract paintings since 1951, whilst studying his soon to be aborted architecture studies in Rome. These then led to early still life and landscape pictures influenced by Expressionism and Cubism. During numerous stays in Paris and New York he met Surrealist and Abstract Expressionist artists including Marc Rothko and Barnett Newman, whose colour fields left a lasting impression on him.

In the 1960s, he produced his first compositions consisting of coloured bands. The artist mostly used pure primary colours in these works, layered on top of each other or as colour stains, rhythmised in lineal grids. Dorazio, who also penned many programmatic writings, belongs to the leading representatives of concrete art in Italy. In 1959 and 1964, he took part in documenta in Kassel. As well as works on canvas, he has also produced lithographs, etchings (including numerous book illustrations), glass windows, mosaics, ceramics and stage sets.

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Piero Dorazio Prices

Piero DorazioDesiderata€124.000
Piero DorazioSospetto di forma€61.880
Piero DorazioVitacolor€48.000
Piero DorazioGrille III€41.650
Piero DorazioOhne Titel€39.270

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