Renée Sintenis - Kleines Mädchen

Renée Sintenis

Kleines Mädchen

Bronze sculpture Height 18 cm Monogrammed 'RS' under the left knee and with foundry mark "H NOACK BERLIN FRIEDENAU" under the right knee. Unique cast. - Yellowish olive-coloured patina. The left knee minimally bumped.

Fully aware of the seriousness of a situation giving her the honour of sitting for a portrait, the girl kneels calmly, but looks up curiously. Her physiognomy - the large head whith frizzy thick hair which rests on top of the slender, girlish body - is realised in a lovingly characteristic manner.
Karin Rosenheim was the daughter of the art-loving family of the Berlin banker Ludolf Rosenheim and his wife Edith, who emigrated to the US in the 1930s; here she is portrayed at the age of around three and a half. Edith Rosenheim was friends with Renée Sintenis and purchased animal sculptures from her, as shown by a photograph of horse and donkey sculptures from the estate (see Ursel Berger/Günther Ladwig, Renée Sintenis, Das plastische Werk, Berlin 2013, p. 16) and by the two terriers based on Sintenis's dog Philipp which are available at this auction (Lots 371, 372). However, Rosenheim bought more than animal sculptures from the artist: Sintenis also created a head in terracotta based on Rosenheim's own portrait, who additionally commissioned portraits of her two children, Peter and Karin. The present whereabouts of the terracotta and the small bronze of Peter, which can presumably be seen as the pendant to the small girl offered here, are unclear (cf. Berger/Ladwig 077, 057). The sculptures of the children were cast only once and were not intended for the wider public.
“In the figure of the kneeling girl Sintenis presents herself from a new, charming side. […]The figure of the […] girl was - like almost all of Sintenis' works - cast at Berlin's Noack foundry; it is a fine example of the quality of her bronzes from the 1920s.” (Ursel Berger in her expert report). Previously believed to be lost, it has now finally emerged out of the family and back into the public sphere.

List of works

Berger/Ladwig 078 (dimensions unknown) Buhlmann 90 (no illus.)


With an expertise by Ursel Berger, Berlin, dated 7 October 2016


Collection Ludolf and Edith Rosenheim, Berlin and New York, in family posession since


Gustav Eugen Diehl (ed.), Renée Sintenis, Berlin 1927, no. 51; René Crevel/Georg Biermann, Renée Sintenis, in der Reihe "Junge Kunst", vol. 57, Berlin 1930, p. 14, no. 51

Lot 217 D

22.000 € - 25.000 €

32.240 €