A Meissen porcelain model of a grey partridge

A Meissen porcelain model of a grey partridge

Finely painted in grey and brown tones. Unglazed underside with blue crossed swords mark, incised 57. Minor losses to the corn. H 15.3 cm
1740s, model by Johann Joachim Kaendler.


A further example in the Porzellansammlung Dresden (cat. Porzellan Parforce, Munich 2005, no. 36). Kaendler lists the first lifesize pair of partridges in his workshop records of 1740. This smaller model was probably produced slightly after.
Cf. Rückert, Munich 1966, no. 1141 f., an identical partridge with its pair formerly in the Dr. Ernst Schneider Collection.
Cf. Röbbig, Kabinettstücke, Munich 2006, no. 45, one piece mounted in bronze.
A pair in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Irwin Untermyer Collection (in: Hackenbroch, Cambridge 1956, fig. 12)

Lot 746 Dα

8.000 € - 10.000 €

9.920 €