A Meissen porcelain coffee barrel on stand

A Meissen porcelain coffee barrel on stand

Designed as a barrel with a square-shaped opening, finely painted with scenes and figures inspired by Watteau. The barrel rests on an associated, matching stand with figures seated on the three scroll feet. Blue crossed swords mark to the underside of the stand. Minor restorations to the extremities of the figures. H 30.8 cm.
Ca. 1740, modelled by Johann Joachim Kaendler, August 1738.

Kaendler notes in his workshop records of August 1738: "A heavily ornamented stand for a coffee barrel, this in turn resting on 3 finely worked scrolls upon each of which sits a figure: Two ladies and one man, and a delicate shield to the front." (from the German in Pietsch, Leipzig 2002, p. 56).


Cf. a similar barrel made for Heinrich Graf Brühl in cat.: Triumph der blauen Schwerter, Dresden 2000, no. 172.

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