A Berlin KPM porcelain vase with "weichmalerei"

A Berlin KPM porcelain vase with "weichmalerei"

Model no. 2057, Urbino-Vase No. 1 with snake's head handles. Fired in three parts and screw-mounted (the screws replaced). Decorated with opulent bouquets of roses and dahlias to both sides and gilt relief foliage below the handles. Blue sceptre mark, red imperial orb mark, gilt L, three dots and an arrow, impressed F O O. Restored. H 48 cm.
Last quarter 19th C. / 1st quarter 20th, model by Julius Wilhelm Mantel, 1855, decor attributed to Paul Miethe.


Lower Saxon private collection.


An identical Urbino Vase No. 0 in: Dietz, Blühende Zeit der KPM, Petersberg 2013, V 36.

Lot 278 Dα

4.000 € - 6.000 €

13.750 €