Max Ackermann

Date/place of birth

05. October 1887 BerlinGermany

Day/place of death

14. November 1975 Bad LiebenzellGermany

Max Ackermann - biography

The German painter and graphic artist Max Ackermann is considered to be one of the pioneers of abstract art in Germany. From 1906 until 1910, he studied in Weimar, among other places, under Henry van der Velde and later in Munich under Franz von Stuck before becoming a student of Adolf Hölzel in Stuttgart from 1912 onwards. The latter significantly influenced his tendency towards abstraction which, in 1930, lead to the founding of a seminar on “absolute painting” at the Stuttgart “Volkshochschule” (adult education centre).

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Max AckermannMax Ackermann - Komposition in Blau und Schwarz €29.750
Max AckermannMax Ackermann - Komposition (2 B) €28.560
Max AckermannMax Ackermann - Über den Türmen (Above the Towers) €21.600
Max AckermannMax Ackermann - Untitled (Abstrakte Komposition) €21.420
Max AckermannMax Ackermann - An die Freude III €19.620
Max AckermannMax Ackermann - Urzelle €14.880