Paul Gauguin

Date/place of birth

07. June 1848 ParisFrance

Day/place of death

08. May 1903 AtuonaHiva OaFrench Polynesia

Paul Gauguin - biography

Paul Gauguin sought paradise, the untouched, pure genesis of human civilisation, unflawed and without human corruption. Before he succumbed to this longing, he created one of the most impressive oeuvres in art history and showed painting the way to modernity.

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Paul Gauguin Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Paul Gauguin Kleine Landschaftstudie €12.000
Paul Gauguin Studie, Frau mit Korb (Verso: Figurenskizzen) €7.800
Paul Gauguin Pastorales Martinique €7.440
Paul Gauguin Nave Nave Fenua €4.522
Paul Gauguin La Femme au figues €3.570