Gursky, Andreas

Date/place of birth

1955 Leipzig

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Andreas Gursky first studied photography in Essen and then in Düsseldorf under Bernd Becher, and was his master pupil from 1985 to 1987. Although he began working with small-scale works showing landscapes or interiors, in the 1990s the artist started photographing his subjects from different perspectives with a large-format camera and combining the individual images to a new whole through the use of computer editing, a process never used by any of his colleagues of the Becher School. Gursky creates gigantic images of duplicated ornamental structures and homogenous surfaces - such as the patterns created by anonymous crowds of people. He compares this process to the work of a painter. Gursky has been a professor of the Liberal Arts at the Academy in Düsseldorf since 2010. His large-format photographs have recently achieved record prices on the international auction market.

Andreas Gursky Prices

Artist Artwork Price
Andreas Gursky Niagara falls €68.200
Andreas Gursky Schwimmbad Ratingen €49.600
Andreas Gursky Schwimmbad/Teneriffa €39.680
Andreas Gursky Meerbusch €21.080
Mappenwerk How you look at it €10.980
Andreas Gursky SALERNO €7.800

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