László Moholy-Nagy - Portrait Ellen Frank
László Moholy-Nagy - Portrait Ellen Frank

Moholy-Nagy, László

Date/place of birth

1895 Bácsborsód (Hungary)

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After discontinuing his studies at law school in Budapest and military service from 1914 to 1917, Moholy-Nagy took courses in drawing nudes in Szeged and Budapest, where he also started to paint. In Budapest he came across the works of Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitzky, whose paintings made a lasting impression on him and encouraged him to turn to Constructivism. In 1920 Moholy-Nagy moved to Berlin where he met, among others, the two Dadaists Hanna Höch and Kurt Schwitters. His first solo exhibition was held at Herwarth Walden's gallery “Der Sturm”, in Berlin in 1922. A year later he was appointed by Walter Gropius as head of the metal workshop at the Bauhaus in Weimar. Moholy-Nagy made good use of the climate of artistic freedom and experimented with a wide variety of materials as well as with photography, film and typography. After leaving the Bauhaus in 1928, he moved to Berlin to set up his own studio of typography, exhibition design, photo montages and photographic collages. In 1934 he emigrated to Amsterdam and London and eventually, with the help of Gropius, to Chicago in 1937 to manage the newly founded design school New Bauhaus, called School of Design from 1939. At the same time Moholy-Nagy also worked as a freelance artist and designer in the United States.

László Moholy-Nagy Prices

Artist Artwork Price
László Moholy-Nagy Portrait Ellen Frank €52.460
László Moholy-Nagy Watercolor N° 2 €52.080
László Moholy-Nagy Kreis und Flächen Variation €15.730
László Moholy-Nagy Composition €15.000
László Moholy-Nagy Abstufungen (Degrees) €10.200
László Moholy-Nagy 10 Fotogramme €3.660

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