Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Date/place of birth

1841 Limoges

Day/place of death

1919 Cagnes-sur-Mer near Nice

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Bouquet estival
Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Bouquet estival

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Having originally trained as a porcelain painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir became one of the most important representatives of Impressionism, alongside Claude Monet. His oeuvre is characterised by a serene, light-flooded atmosphere, and his subjects are mainly portraits, nudes, still lifes and depictions of social events. In 1986 Renoir became a student at the freelance studio of Charles Gleyre, where he also met Claude Monet, Frédéric Bazille and Alfred Sisley. His admission to the École des Beaux-Arts finally coincided with the artist's wholehearted dedication to painting. From 1863 he and his colleagues devoted themselves to plein-air painting in the woods of Fontainebleau and exhibited their works with varying degrees of success at the Paris Salon. In 1869 his working together with Monet led to the development of their Impressionist style. In 1872 Renoir succeeded for the first time in selling several paintings to the art dealer Durand-Ruel who became an important patron, and in 1874 he contributed seven works to the first Impressionist exhibition. Whereas, until then, his financial situation had been rather precarious, his fortunes changed when he began to receive orders for portraits and met several favourable art critics and collectors. At the same time he also produced magazine illustrations and wall decorations. In the early 1880s he undertook a series of trips to Algeria, Italy and Normandy. His so-called “Ingres Period” or “Dry Period” marked a change in his work as he turned away from Impressionism and opted for a Classicist, more graphic painterly style. It was not until 1890 that his style became more colourful and fluid. Due to his poor health, Renoir was eventually only able to paint in some pain and spent much of his time in the warm climate of southern France, while his international fame and economic success kept growing. The last phase of his creative life was marked by glowing colours, and this was also the period when he created his sculptures and prints.

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Pierre-Auguste RenoirBouquet estival€327.250
Pierre-Auguste RenoirGabrielle, nu assis de profil€161.200
Pierre-Auguste RenoirFemme au corsage rouge (Étude de Gabrielle)€99.200
Pierre-Auguste RenoirLe Chapeau épinglé, 2e planche€83.300
Pierre-Auguste RenoirLe Chapeau épinglé, 2e planche€43.400
Pierre-Auguste RenoirLe chapeau épinglé, première planche€21.960

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