Asian Art - Noteworthy Ascents

Indian art shone with an excellent hammer quota and a total result four times over the estimate. Noteworthy results were also achieved by South-East Asian and Japanese art. In total, the auction brought in 1.5 million euro with bidders from all over the world. 

India/South-East Asia

The auction was strongly characterized by eye-catching objects from private collections led by the important Dr Ludwig Jansen Collection. As a collector, Jansen was primarily fascinated by the sculptural arts of India and South-East Asia, but also Tibet, whether in stone, bronze, or wood. Three lots (3, 5, and 8, see below), were from the significant collection of the jewellery dealer Dr Kurt Erwin Stavenhagen (1899–1984) who had emigrated to Mexico.

The highlight of the collection and the auction with a result of € 139,000 paid by an American dealer, was a 65 cm bronze of Lakshmi (Shridevi) from South India, Tamil Nadu, from the Vijayanagara period around the 15th century (lot 11, € 20/30,000). From the Stavenhagen/Jansen Collection and also from India was a large stone stele of the Parshvanatha, probably Madhya Pradesh, 9th/10th century. Another American collector pushed it from € 10/15,000 up to € 53,000 (lot 3). A further, very large black stone stele of Surya (North-East India, Bihar, 11th/12th century) was sold for € 45,500 to the German trade (lot 5, € 10/15,000) whilst a bronze, 64.2 cm high Bhudevi or Parvati from the same region in around 16th/17th century rose to € 33,000 (lot 12, € 15/20,000).

Extraordinarily successful was a 46 cm long North Indian dagger (khanjar) and scabbard made in the 19th century or earlier, and consigned from a German collection. It was made of steel, very rare light grey-green jade with brown inclusions and leather, with the chape and mouthpiece of partly gilt bronze. Numerous bidders fought for this rare object and pushed it from € 1.8/2,000 up to a remarkable € 82,000 for a Canadian dealer (lot 37).

A 22.3 cm high bronze figure of Prajnaparamita, Thailand (probably found in Nakhom Ratchasima province, Amphoe Khong, Lopburi style, 12th/13th century) was also forced far over its estimate of € 4/6,000 by a German bidder to € 29,000 (lot 54).


At the top of this section stood a large, impressive Tibetan thangka of the Palden Lhamo made in the 19th century. This lot also sold far beyond its estimate to a Chinese collector for € 74,000 (lot 84, €8/10,000). Also originating from Tibet was an early 18th century fire-gilt bronze of Sitatara (WhiteTara) from the Jansen Collection which a further Chinese bidder eventually won with € 43,000 (lot 67, € 10/15,000).

A hanging scroll in the manner of Qiu Ying (1494–1552), painted in ink and colour on silk in the blue-and-green style with figures in a landscape jumped from € 4/5,000 to € 25,000 (lot 168).


Exceptional results were also seen for art from Japan: An impressive result (the highest so far this year for a netsuke) was seen for the 8.8 cm netsuke of an elderly Sennin from the mid-18th century. From a decades-long accumulated Belgian private collection, a North American collector had to invest € 53,000 against strong competition to win the lot – starting from an estimate of € 4/6,000. The netsuke was made in close proximity to Haritsu and even predates the works of Yoshimura Shûzan, 1700–1773 (lot 368). A high-quality 19th century boxwood snail from the netsuke collection of Teddy Hahn, Darmstadt, ascended to € 16,400 (lot 414, € 9/12,000).

Probably from the Bälz Collection was a 295 cm multi-part bronze lantern with metal mon from the Edo period of 19th century. Following tense bidding, it eventually sold to a bidder from Japan for € 48,000. A gift of condolence, the light of these lanterns was thought to drive our evil spirits and lead the souls of the deceased to paradise (lot 293, € 4/6,000).

A great result was also achieved by an erotic hanging scroll from the mid-18th century and in the manner of Utamaro. It was raised from € 1.5/2,000 up to € 38,000 (lot 205).

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