Erwitt, Elliott

Date/place of birth

1928 Paris

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In 1939, Elliott Erwitt emigrated with his family from Italy, where he grew up, to the USA. Here he became interested in photography and visited film courses at the "New School for Social Research". He travelled to Europe and worked as a photojournalist. After getting to know Robert Capa and Edward Steichen he joined the Magnum photo agency in 1953, and became its president between 1966 and 1969. Although Erwitt’s images capture important historic moments, they also often depict people in their everyday lives. As a self-confessed dog person, the photographer’s shots of man’s best friend are also some of his most famous images.

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Elliott Erwitt Paris €5.332
Elliott Erwitt Paris €4.464
Elliott Erwitt Paris €4.464
Elliott Erwitt Paris €4.392
Elliott Erwitt Wyoming €4.216
Elliott Erwitt New York City €3.596

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