Hans Hartung

Date/place of birth

21. September 1904 LeipzigGermany

Day/place of death

08. December 1989 AntibesFrance

Hans Hartung - biography

Hans Hartung, whose art was determined by lines and colours, was not interested in the representational throughout his life, but always sought a new, unbound expression to clothe his inspiration in seemingly arbitrary playfulness. This made him one of the most important representatives of the Informel.

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Hans Hartung Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Hans HartungHans Hartung - T 1955-23a €235.600
Hans HartungHans Hartung - T1989-U27 €161.200
Hans HartungHans Hartung - T 1950-60 €111.600
Hans HartungHans Hartung - T 1962-L47 €80.600
Hans HartungHans Hartung - T 1963 - U 12 €72.000
Hans HartungHans Hartung - T 1963 R 9 €70.800