Modersohn-Becker, Paula

Date/place of birth

1876 Dresden

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Thanks to support from her mother, who was interested in art, Paula Becker received her artistic training and education at the private drawing and painting school of the Women’s Association of Artists and Art Enthusiasts in Berlin from 1896 to 1898. She then went to the well-known artists’ colony in Worpswede where she was taught by Fritz Mackensen. This is where she produced a series of sketchbooks and life-sized drawings with portraits from the poorhouse. She also painted rural scenes, landscapes and still lifes. In 1902 Paula Becker married Otto Modersohn who had only just become a widower. She received major inspiration for her artistic development through her close cooperation with Otto Modersohn and other artists at the colony, but especially also on the many occasions she spent in Paris between 1900 and 1907. Those were study trips when she enrolled at the Académie Colarossi, the Académie Julian and the École des Beaux-Arts. In particular, however, she used her time to follow closely the many different recent developments in French art and to develop her own vocabulary. Her mentors in Paris included the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke with his knowledge and connections. She was especially impressed by the works of Cézanne and Gauguin. Her unconventional self-portraits, nudes and mother-child paintings around 1906/07 are masterpieces in their monumental composition and brilliance of colours. Their distinctive features are their great power of expression and their simplicity of form and colour. Paula Modersohn-Becker died in 1907, after giving birth to her daughter Mathilde. Having emerged from the group of Worpswede painters, Paula Modersohn-Becker became one of the most important German artists of Classical Modernism.

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Artist Artwork Price
Paula Modersohn-Becker Sitzendes Kind an einer Birke (Kind mit Frucht). Verso: Bauernmädchen am Hang vor wolkigem Himmel €390.400
Paula Modersohn-Becker Kinder zwischen Birkenstämmen €337.500
Paula Modersohn-Becker Selbstbildnis, Halbfigur nach links, eine Schale und ein Glas haltend €297.500
Paula Modersohn-Becker Sitzendes Mädchen mit schwarzem Hut und Blume in der rechten Hand €261.800
Paula Modersohn-Becker Armenhäuslerin im Garten sitzend €98.010
Paula Modersohn-Becker Landschaft mit Moorkanal €74.400

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