Nolde, Emil

Emil Nolde, who was briefly a member of the artists' group “Brücke”, is considered to be one of the great German Expressionists. Born on the German-Danish border under the name Emil Hansen, he initially trained as a draughtsman and wood carver. In the 1890s he moved to Switzerland, to work as a teacher. This is where he created his first watercolours, focusing mainly on the world of mountains. Watercolour was an important medium in his wide-ranging painterly oeuvre. Later, when he moved to Seebüll in northern Germany, he derived inspiration from his garden where he created his typical and highly expressive watercolours of flowers with their vivid colours. Other dominant elements in his works were landscapes in the form of tremendously impressive sea views as well as endless, evocative marshlands. During a two-year stay in Berlin in the early 1910s, Nolde took great interest in the big city and focussed on subjects such as the theatre and the cabaret. In 1913/14 he was given an opportunity to accompany the “Medizinisch-demographische-Deutsch-Neuguinea-Expedition” (German Medical-Demographic New Guinea Expedition) as a painter. Both on his way there and on the return journey he captured various country-specific themes in Japan, China, Java, Burma, Ceylon and Egypt.

Emil Nolde Prices

Artist Artwork Price
Emil Nolde Marschhof €1.368.500
Emil Nolde Evening Marsh Landscape (Seebüll) €384.000
Emil Nolde Abendlandschaft mit Mühle €384.000
Emil Nolde Marschlandschaft mit roten Wolken, Landschaft ... €252.000
Emil Nolde Marschlandschaft €226.100

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