Emil Nolde

Date/place of birth

07. August 1867 Nolde near TondernDenmark

Day/place of death

13. April 1956 SeebüllGermany

Emil Nolde - biography

With his expressive flower watercolours and atmospheric landscape pictures, Emil Nolde was one of the most important representatives of Expressionism. He was famous for his pointed colouring, which lent his works a unique character.

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Emil NoldeEmil Nolde - Marschhof €1.368.500
Emil NoldeEmil Nolde - Evening Marsh Landscape (Seebüll) €384.000
Emil NoldeEmil Nolde - Abendlandschaft mit Mühle €384.000
Emil NoldeEmil Nolde - Tosendes Meer €275.000
Emil NoldeEmil Nolde - Marschlandschaft mit roten Wolken, Landschaft um Utenwarf €252.000
Emil NoldeEmil Nolde - Marschlandschaft €226.100