Heinrich Zille

Date/place of birth

January 10, 1858, Radeburg, Germany

Day/place of death

August 9, 1929, Berlin, Germany

Heinrich Zille - biography

Heinrich Zille had a heart and an eye for the small people, whose ups and down he portrayed with a bold stroke and biting wit in countless drawings and graphic series. A true Berlin original, he demonstrated a sharp power of observation and great artistic talent.

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Heinrich ZilleGegen Morgen (Am Morgen)€28.520
Heinrich ZilleKartoffelstehen€17.360
Heinrich ZilleStandesamt€15.000
Heinrich ZilleKindergesellschaft€13.750
Heinrich ZilleKinderstudien€7.140
Heinrich ZilleArbeiterpaar auf der Parkbank€6.820