Cartier-Bresson, Henri

Henri Cartier-Bresson trained as a painter under André Lhote, before moving to Africa to become a photographer in 1931. He was, in his own words, constantly searching for the “Decisive Moment”. He worked as a photojournalist in Europe, India, Africa and in North and South America, and founded the photography agency “Magnum” in Paris in 1947 together with Robert Capa. In the same year, the Museum of Modern Art in New York honoured him with a comprehensive retrospective. Cartier-Bresson is still considered one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century to this day.

Henri Cartier-Bresson Prices

Artist Artwork Price
Henri Cartier-Bresson On the Rhine river €7.502
Henri Cartier-Bresson Belgien €7.140
Henri Cartier-Bresson Un eunuque de la Cour Impériale de la ... €6.448
Henri Cartier-Bresson Untitled (Riverbank) €6.344
Henri Cartier-Bresson Bingen €6.292

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