Rupprecht Geiger

Date/place of birth

26. January 1908 MunichGermany

Day/place of death

06. December 2009 MunichGermany

Rupprecht Geiger - biography

Rupprecht Geiger, son of painter Willi Geiger, is among the main representatives of German Colour Field Painting and started to produce drawings and watercolours in his teens. After a degree in architecture in 1935, he initially worked as an architect in Munich. He painted his first abstract works in 1948, based on the impressions of light and colour, which he had received as a wartime painter in Russia and Greece. In 1949, he founded the ZEN 49 group together with Willi Baumeister, the artists’ couple Matschinsky-Denninghoff and Fritz Winter.

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Rupprecht Geiger 359/62 €72.500
Rupprecht Geiger 370/62 €67.200
Rupprecht Geiger 399/63 €54.000
Rupprecht Geiger 808/89 €50.400
Rupprecht Geiger 219/54 (E 219) €48.000
Rupprecht Geiger 827/91 €38.720