Höch, Hannah

Hannah Höch studied at the Arts and Crafts School in Berlin-Charlottenburg from 1912 and, later, at the college associated with the Kunstgewerbemuseum (Arts and Crafts Museum), under Emil Orlik. This is where she met Raoul Hausmann with whom she continued to be in a relationship until 1922. Hausmann gave her access to the avant-garde scene of Berlin, and in 1917 she met Wieland Herzfelde, John Heartfield (really Helmut Herzfeld, Wieland Herzfelde's brother) and George Grosz. Hannah Höch worked as a crafts designer from 1916 to 1926, but she also started to create her first paintings and collages during that time. Her works were first shown in 1919, at the “Club Dada” exhibition at I.B. Neumann's art gallery. In 1920 Höch became a member of the “Novembergruppe” and took part in its exhibitions while also participating intensively in Dadaist activities, such as the “Erste Internationale Dada-Messe” (First International Dada Fair). She travelled to Italy, Prague and Paris and made friends with other artists such as Kurt Schwitters, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Piet Mondrian. Her very diverse works include collages, prints, paintings and drawings in surrealist, naturalist and abstract styles. This stylist pluralism is characteristic of her entire oeuvre. From 1926 Höch worked with the Dutch De Stijl group and lived in The Hague. In 1931 she moved back to Berlin where she then suffered more and more under the defamatory policy of the Nazis. After the Second World War she picked up her contacts with her Dadaist friends who had emigrated to other countries. From 1959 her works were increasingly shown appreciation in the form of publications, exhibitions and film projects on the Dada movement.

Hannah Höch Prices

Artist Artwork Price
Hannah Höch Angst €24.990
Hannah Höch Traumfahrt €18.000
Hannah Höch Raumsegler €13.685
Hannah Höch Iris und Mohn €11.160
Hannah Höch Amme (Wet Nurse) €9.960

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