Dieter Roth

Date/place of birth

21. April 1930 HannoverGermany

Day/place of death

05. June 1998 BaselSwitzerland

Dieter Roth - biography

Dieter Roth didn’t hold much with beauty, especially lasting beauty; the Swiss object artist valued the gradual decay, worked with maggots, moths and moulds, relied on everything that normally provoked the service of cleaners and exterminators.

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Dieter Roth Prices

Dieter RothDieter Roth - Literaturwurst €51.240
Dieter RothDieter Roth - Grosser Gartenzwerg (Tall garden gnome) €48.000
Dieter RothDieter Roth - Literaturwurst (literature sausage) €36.000
Dieter RothDieter Roth - Packschiff €34.800
Dieter RothDieter Roth - Einanderwürgende Unschuldsengel und weinende Schweine €30.500
Dieter RothDieter Roth - Sehr kleiner Gartenzwerg (Very little garden gnome) €30.000