A four-case inrô. Late 19th century - image-1

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A four-case inrô. Late 19th century

Auktion 1136 - Übersicht Köln
07.06.2019, 14:00 - Japanische Kunst (Rüstungen, Schwerter, Netsuke, Inro, Sagemono)
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A four-case inrô. Late 19th century

Displaying a continuous scene of a samurai on horseback riding through a river, on the banks a very large an old pine whose stem is supported by several poles, in takamaki-e, hiramaki-e, black and red lacquer and kirikane on a silvery gray (shibuichi) lacquer ground. Signed Kajikawa saku. Nashiji and fundame to the inside.
Height 9.5 cm; width 5.7 cm


Collection J. Prieur (collector's paper label in the top case with the number 241B in ink)
Bonhams, London, 12.11.2015, lot 87
Private collection, Paris