Otto Mueller

Date/place of birth

16. October 1874 LiebauPoland

Day/place of death

24. September 1930 BreslauPoland

Otto Mueller - biography

Otto Mueller favoured painting naked women, whose exaggeratedly slim bodies seem almost anorexic to modern eyes. He became famous, however, for his cycle of gypsy pictures which were created in the last years of his life.

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Otto Mueller Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Otto Mueller Sitzendes Mädchen am Wasser €109.120
Otto Mueller Zwei Akte im Wald (Zwei nackte Mädchen in einer Schneise) €88.060
Otto Mueller Stehende Zigeunerin mit einem Kind auf dem Arm €52.360
Otto Mueller Stehendes Mädchen an steinigem Ufer (Girl Standing on Rocky Shore) €50.820
Otto Mueller Zigeunermadonna: Zigeunerin mit Kind vorm Wagenrad (Gipsy Madonna: Gipsy Woman with Child in front of Cart Wheel) €48.800
Otto Mueller Fünf gelbe Akte am Wasser (Fünf Mädchen am Strand. Nordsee; Badende Mädchen) €44.640