Otto Dix

Date/place of birth

02. December 1891 UntermhausGermany

Day/place of death

25. July 1969 SingenGermany

Otto Dix - biography

As the artistic face of the Weimar Republic, Otto Dix achieved world fame: his positions were as varied as his style; the time-honoured veteran of the First World War created some of the most shocking anti-war pictures and counts as one of the most important representatives of Verism.

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Otto Dix Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Otto Dix Weite Ebene (Weiler hinter Bohlingen) €166.600
Otto Dix Weite Ebene (Weiler bei Bohlingen) €136.400
Otto Dix Bodenseelandschaft bei Stein am Rhein mit Burg Hohenklingen (Lake Constance Landscape near Stein on the Rhine with Hohenklingen Castle) €132.000
Otto Dix Hahn und Katze II (Cock and Cat II) €108.900
Otto Dix Mädchen in Trümmern - mit Sonnenrosen (Girl in Ruins - with Sunflowers) €102.850
Otto Dix Jazzkapelle €102.000