Rainer Fetting

Date/place of birth

31. December 1949 WilhelmshavenGermany

Rainer Fetting - biography

After an apprenticeship as a carpenter, Rainer Fetting studied at the Berlin College of Fine Arts from 1972 to 1978, under Hans Jaenisch. Together with Helmut Middendorf, Salomé, Bernd Zimmer and others, he founded the Artists’ Self-help Gallery on Moritzplatz. The ‘Junge Wilde (neo-Fauve)’ group of artists first became known in 1980, with its exhibition ‘Heftige Malerei (Vehement Painting)’ at Haus am Waldsee in Berlin.

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Rainer FettingRainer Fetting - Durchgang Südstern €49.980
Rainer FettingRainer Fetting - Mann und Axt €47.880
Rainer FettingRainer Fetting - Der Soldat €47.600
Rainer FettingRainer Fetting - Infantin Margarita, Velázquez Inspiration €45.360
Rainer FettingRainer Fetting - Mann mit Axt III €44.030
Rainer FettingRainer Fetting - Abend am Teufelssee €41.650