Karl Hofer

Date/place of birth

October 11, 1878, Karlsruhe, Germany

Day/place of death

April 3, 1955, Berlin, Germany

Karl Hofer - biography

Karl Hofer started his training at the Badische Academy of Art in Karlsruhe in 1897 and became a master student of Hans Thoma in 1899. After a period of time in Paris until 1993, Hofer worked as a master student under Leopold von Kalckreuth in Stuttgart. As soon as he had finished his studies, he moved to Rome. This time proved to be decisive for his subsequent oeuvre which was marked by a Classicist/Idealist style of painting. From 1908 to 1913 Hofer lived in Paris and then moved to Berlin, where – from 1920 – he worked as a lecturer and then as a professor at the Prussian Academy of Art.

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Karl HoferIndisches Paar unter Bäumen€124.000
Karl HoferLiegende im Gemach€107.100
Karl HoferSich Abtrocknende mit Turban (Brustbild eines Mädchens, Rechtsprofil)€99.120
Karl HoferLamentation€96.000
Karl HoferTessiner Flusslandschaft mit Brücke€78.120
Karl HoferFigurengruppe in Berglandschaft€74.400