Max Beckmann

Date/place of birth

12. February 1884 LeipzigGermany

Day/place of death

27. December 1950 New YorkUnited States

Max Beckmann - biography

Max Beckmann was a loner who resisted the expectations of his time. The German painter, graphic artist and sculptor wanted to capture the person with all facets of their being; he tried to trace the essence of human existence and culture with artistic means. 

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Max Beckmann Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Max BeckmannMax Beckmann - Löwenbändiger - Zirkus (Lion Tamer - Circus) €871.200
Max BeckmannMax Beckmann - Die Straße €250.000
Max BeckmannMax Beckmann - Der Raucher (Selbstbildnis) €102.340
Max BeckmannMax Beckmann - Frauenkopf mit Halskette (Female Head with Necklace) €67.500
Max BeckmannMax Beckmann - Lesende Frau €64.480
Max BeckmannMax Beckmann - Day and Dream €49.980