Max Beckmann - Löwenbändiger (Zirkus)
Max Beckmann - Löwenbändiger (Zirkus)

Beckmann, Max

Date/place of birth

1884 Leipzig

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The painter and graphic artist Max Beckmann received his education as an artist at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Afterwards he journeyed to Paris and Amsterdam, where he gained a deeper understanding of the work of Cézanne and the Impressionists as well as that of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals. Beginning in 1904, Beckmann lived in Berlin. He worked with diverse motifs – initially in an Impressionist style. Drawing and printmaking played a central role in his work. With the support of the art dealer I. B. Neumann and the publisher Reinhard Piper, he was able to achieve considerable success with his printed works. His most famous portfolios of prints were “Die Hölle” (Hell), which appeared in 1919, and “Jahrmarkt” (Annual Fair), which appeared in 1922. He volunteered to serve as a paramedic in the First World War, but he had to end his service after a mental breakdown in 1915. The post-war work of Beckmann, who had since moved to Frankfurt, dealt with his wartime experiences and his increasing interest in politics and Theosophy by way of angular, expressive figures and dense, dislocated pictorial spaces. In the 1920s his compositions became clearer and his palette more colourful; he created portraits, still lifes, landscapes and – repeatedly – self-portraits. In 1925 Beckmann’s work was exhibited in the epochal “New Objectivity” exhibition, and he also received numerous solo exhibitions around that time. In 1933 he was dismissed from his teaching position at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, which he had held since 1925, and his art was denounced as degenerate. Hundreds of Beckmann’s works were confiscated from museums. In 1936 Max Beckmann’s last solo exhibition in Germany was held by Hildebrand Gurlitt in Hamburg. In 1937 the painter immigrated to Amsterdam. In the 1930s and 1940s, his oeuvre was dominated by complex, ambivalent paintings often taking the form of triptychs. In the late 1940s the artist accepted several invitations to teach in the USA, e.g., at the Art School of Washington University, in St Louis. In 1950 the university awarded him an honorary doctorate. Max Beckmann is among the most important modern artists. With his individual figural style, his work can scarcely be subsumed under any of the typical artistic tendencies of his time.

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Artist Artwork Price
Max Beckmann Löwenbändiger (Zirkus) €871.200
Max Beckmann Der Raucher (Selbstbildnis) €102.340
Max Beckmann Lesende Frau €64.480
Max Beckmann Day and Dream €49.980
Max Beckmann Frau auf einem Sofa liegend €42.350
Max Beckmann Selbstbildnis mit Katze und Lampe €38.400

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